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Graduate Certificate Programs


The certificate program will offer courses from diverse, interdisciplinary background, emphasizing sustainability; resource management; crop eco-physiology; environmental nutrient and water management. Students will be able to describe and analyze the interactions of production agriculture and the natural environment. Completion of the certificate will provide the students an understanding of current global issues related to agriculture and production systems and valuable skills for a future profession in the agricultural sciences.

The certificate is awarded by the University of Florida and also designated on student’s UF transcript.
12 credit hours of course work required. All courses offered both On-campus and Distance format.

The programs can be completed entirely online and are available to on-campus students as well.

Since this certificate program will be offered entirely via distance mode, it gives the students the flexibility to study from anywhere in the world to earn a graduate certificate from the University of Florida. The program maintains the high academic standards of the University of Florida. The Certificate Programs are designed for scientists, extension agents, consultants and others for professional development and continued education.


$565 Per Credit Hour For Graduate Courses (Course Level 5000 -9999) – Click on the link for a breakdown of the tuition and fees charged per credit hour. Please note that tuition is reviewed by the University of Florida every summer semester for the upcoming academic year; hence an increase in tuition fee should be expected.


Applicants must have an earned bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution or equivalent. It is not necessary to be admitted to the Graduate School to earn a certificate, but students who later enroll in a graduate program may petition to transfer up to 15 UF graduate-level credit hours (grade B or better) to their graduate degree program. To qualify for a certificate, students must have an overall GPA of 3.0 or better for the entire program. A grade of C in one course only will be accepted, providing the overall 3.0 average is maintained. No grade below C will be accepted.

Prerequisites and Computer Requirements:

Prior to enrolling in any course, the student must ensure that either the prerequisites for the course, if any, have been met, or he or she must obtain approval from the course instructor to waive the requirement. Students must have a PC with access to the internet and a UF Gatorlink account. High-speed connections to the internet are a prerequisite.

Application Deadline:

The application deadline for the Sustainable Agroecosystems certificate is:
July 1 for Fall Admission
November 1 for Spring Admission
Please note departmental deadlines do not apply to the Sustainable Agroecosystems certificate.

Start your application for the Sustainable Agroecosystems Certificate – Submit online application for the graduate certificate progam and make sure to upload an unofficial transcript showing awarding of Bachelor’s degreee which is part of the online application process. It is required that you send an official transcript as soon as possible after applying to UF Office of Graduate Admissions – 201 Criser Hall, P.O. Box 114000 – Gainesville, FL. 32611-4000. You will not be meregd into the Registrar’s system and set-up with a registration appointment until the official transcript has been received.

Request Graduate Certificate & Designation Of Completion of Graduate Certificate on UF Transcript:

At the beginning of the semester in which you are taking your last course or courses in the graduate certificate program, please visit student isis and apply for graduate certificate.

Program Contact:

For assistance or questions with the certificate program, please contact:

Cynthia Hight; 352-294-1586


Michael Sisk; 352-294-3152

[eliteaccordion][elitetoggle title=”Required core courses:”]

Course No Title Dept Hrs Terms Offered –
Terms Offered as DE Description
ALS 5155 Global Agroecosystems Agronomy/Soil and Water 3 Fall-even & odd Fall – even  & odd Fundamentals of agroecology and sustainability
AGR 5444 Ecophysiology of Crop Production Agronomy 3 Spring – even & odd Spring – even & odd Grad physiology of crop plants
SWS 5050 Soils Env. Professionals Soil and Water 3 Fall  – even & odd Fall & Spring -even & odd Role of soils in the environment



[eliteaccordion][elitetoggle title=”Electives (any one from the following):”]

Course No Title Dept Hrs Term Offered –
Term offered as DE Description
AGR 5511 Crop Ecology Agronomy 3 Fall – even & odd Fall – even & odd Crop ecology
AGR 6422C Env. Crop Nutrition Agronomy 3 Fall – even & odd Fall – even & odd Crop Nutrition
PLS 5632C Integrated  Weed Mgmt. Agronomy 3 Fall – even & odd Fall – even & odd Weed management
SWS 5208 Sust. Agr. & Urban Land Mgmt. Soil and Water 3 Fall – even & odd Fall – even & odd Environ. Issues, water quality and BMPs
SWS 5246 Water Sustainability Soil and Water 3 Spring – even & odd Spring – odd Global issues, human impacts on water resources