[April 20, 2017] Can a waste product from cauliflowers help peanuts grow during water shortages?

Kelly Racette is a UF/IFAS Agronomy PhD Student currently doing an Agroecology Research Internship at Harper Adams University, in the U.K.  American researcher Kelly Racette is conducting an experiment at Harper Adams University to see if a wax,… Read More

An English Adventure Part 4

My last days at Harper Adams University (HAU) are quickly approaching, but our work is not quite done yet! This week I’ve been working on a small side project, testing the use of the film antitranspirants in peanut. Peanut… Read More

An English Adventure Part 3

“There are more things in heaven and earth, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” – William Shakespeare, Hamlet The words of the great playwright have been in my mind all week, not only because of my trip… Read More

An English Adventure Part 2

Cyfarchion o Gymru! Greetings from Wales! This week’s adventure in the United Kingdom took me to Aberystwyth on the western coast of Wales to harvest an experiment being performed on wheat at the National Plant Phenomics Centre (NPPC)… Read More

An English Adventure Part1

Stepping off the plane at Heathrow Airport into a cold, gray fog, two locals are overheard discussing their return home. “Well, that’s just England, isn’t it? Damp and gray,” they say, laughing. Coming from the balmy winter weather… Read More

Kelly Racette

Kelly Racette graduated with a Master’s of Science in Agroecology at UF in December 2015, with a thesis entitled “Single-Season and Generational Stress Memories in Crops: Using Primed Acclimation to Impart Drought Tolerance.” While in the Agroecology program,… Read More