[October 17, 2017] Welcoming new faculty Dr. Gabriel Maltais-Landry

Dr. Gabriel Maltais-Landry has joined the Soil and Water Sciences (SWS) Department as an Assistant Professor, Sustainable Nutrient Management Systems, and will be a member of the UF Agroecology faculty list as potential advisor for Agroecology students. We asked him… Read More

[October 5, 2017] A trip to France: deepening collaborations between UF and Agrocampus Ouest

Last May, UF Agroecology organized the first Agroecology International Symposium (link here), welcoming, amongst other institutions, a representative from Agrocampus Ouest Rennes, a French engineering school of agronomy (link here). Early in the discussion it appeared that Agrocampus… Read More

[September 26, 2017] A closer look at cassava production in Nigeria and Tanzania

Cassava is an important crop in terms of food security and income generation in the tropics 1. Although this crop is considered as a staple, this concept has been changing for some countries where cassava is an industrialized… Read More

[July 26, 2017] A visit to the University College of Dublin

Earlier this month, Agronomy faculty Dr. José Dubeux, along with Ph.D. students Liza Garcia, Erick Santos and agroecology Ph.D. student David Jaramillo got the opportunity to visit a prospective UF Agroecology partner: the University College of Dublin (UCD)…. Read More

[June 12, 2017] Going back to the 2017 UF Agroecology Summit

This past May 15-17th was the first UF Agroecology International Summit: 13 faculty and administrators from 11 universities in 8 countries gathered in Florida to tour much of the state, visiting several UF Research and Education Centers (REC),… Read More

[June 6, 2017] How do the “Three Sister” plants work together ?

“The three sisters planting – corn, beans, and squash – is a perfect example of companion planting! Imagine three sisters in a family. In an ideal world, they would be great companions, cooperating and supporting each other. Each… Read More

[May 10, 2017] International Agroecology Summit May 15th – 18th

Over the past few years, our UF Agroecology program has striven to build a global portfolio of partner institutions around the world, providing students with the opportunity to take part in diversified research. Indeed, some of the offerings… Read More

[April 20, 2017] Can a waste product from cauliflowers help peanuts grow during water shortages?

Kelly Racette is a UF/IFAS Agronomy PhD Student currently doing an Agroecology Research Internship at Harper Adams University, in the U.K.  American researcher Kelly Racette is conducting an experiment at Harper Adams University to see if a wax,… Read More

[April 10, 2017] “Tropical vegetable oils could be produced sustainably”

“Drawn to the social, economic, and environmental impacts of oil crops in the tropics, Derek Byerlee, Walter Falcon, and Roz Naylor provide context and understanding of the booming vegetable oil sector in their new book, The Tropical Oil… Read More

[Mar. 31, 2017] Participatory sorghum breeding in Burkina Faso: creating new varieties with and for farmers.

“In the mid-1990s, sorghum plant breeders adopted a new varietal creation method in Burkina Faso: participatory plant breeding. It is based on a simple principle: involving producers in all stages of research. This was to be a turning… Read More