[January 12, 2018] A new satellite location for CSRA-associated research!

Location of the experiment approximately 1.5h south of San Jose, Costa Rica.

A few months ago we introduced Emily Pappo, as she was starting her Agroecology Master’s program with Dr. Luke Flory. Her research focus is to study and try to mitigate the impact of climate change on Costa Rican coffee production, in particular in relation to drought tolerance.


Newly established rainout shelter with planted coffee seedlings. Trench will be backfilled after the installation of belowground plastic barrier to prevent groundwater intrusion.

In order to facilitate the research on site in Costa Rica, UF just signed an agreement with a farmer to install and use rainout shelters on his farm. The goal is for these installations and agreement to go beyond the duration of Emily’s research project, and to become a true CSRA associated research site that faculty and students could use for research.

We are looking forward to seeing what exciting research will come out of this new partnership!

Landscape-scale view of the experiment in Tarrazu, Costa Rica.