[June 20th, 2017] The rain shelters are almost ready in Costa Rica !

Larry, Julio and Emily

We recently received some exciting news from Emily and her trial in Costa Rica. To look at drought effect on coffee trees and bean production, she is building along with the help of locals Larry Windes and Julio Urena: Larry designed the structures and Julio is building them. The structures are not yet fully completed when Emily was down there a few days ago. In the picture you can see the large square piece that will be the roof, which will be on top of the legs (behind the roof in the picture).

Rain shelter in progress !

On top of all this there will be clear polycarbonate roofing to keep the rain out. The last picture down the page shows the fence Emily and her team built there to keep the cows out of the research area. Of her recent time there, Emily says: ” I really have an incredible group of people helping me. I’m so grateful !”

We look forward to hearing more from you Emily !


Emily’s research area