Yann Janin


Yann talking to Togolese farmers

Yann is an exchange student from UF’s partner institution ISARA-Lyon in France. Yann is studying at UF for the spring 2017 semester, taking classes in food sciences and agriculture. He is excited for his classes and hopes to learn new techniques that he can use on farms back home. He decided to study at UF because of the high level of education provided and to practice his English. While studying in the U.S. Yann hopes to take a road trip to the Great Plains.

While attending ISARA-Lyon Yann completed an array of internships. His most recent internship was last summer in Africa with Adec-Togo, a non-profit organization which aim is to promote education, healthcare and sustainable agriculture. During this internship, Yann educated people on best farming practices and techniques that would allow communities to develop a sustainable, thriving agriculture.

“It was a great experience,” said Yann. “Everyone collaborated with each other and we were all working towards a common goal.”

After completing his semester at UF, Yann will go back to school at ISARA, and hopes to participate in another internship involving forage management and TechnoGrazing™ techniques in New Zealand. TechnoGrazing™ is a new grazing system invented in New Zealand which uses rotational cell grazing to increase production while reducing cost (read more here). Yann became interested in techno grazing techniques when he realized the crushing financial pressure dairy farmers are exposed to. He wanted to find a way to release part of that pressure by guiding them towards being more competitive.

“Techno Grazing is a popular technique in New Zealand and would be a great place to learn more about it to then apply in the field in France,” Yann said.

After completing his last year at ISARA-Lyon, Yann intends to graduate and start his career. He hopes to be working with farmers to assist them in developing integrated systems and advise them on best management practices. Yann also wants to create his own company with a few friends to help rural farmers market their product to a wider range of buyers. In 10 years however, he plans to start his own farm. Studying at ISARA-Lyon has provided Yann with many opportunities to grow as a citizen and a professional aware of the challenges agriculture is currently facing while.

“If you want to learn more about agroecology, ISARA-Lyon has a great program,” Yann said. “It opens the door for a lot of different jobs in very diverse areas.”

UF currently offers an exchange program with ISARA-Lyon. This program is primarily for graduate students, and gives them the opportunity to earn credits while studying there (click here for more information). In addition, ISARA-Lyon offers a five weeks International Agroecology Summer School, giving students the chance to explore and learn about the French language and culture, while taking courses in agroecology. The agroecology courses focus on providing hands-on learning opportunities; there are many excursions for students to participate. (click here for more information). Applications are due March 31, 2017 and can be found at ISARA-Lyon website. Finally, through the Agroecology Ph.D. concentration and Global Agroecosystem graduate certificate, students can do a 3-6 months internship abroad in one of the program’s partner institutions, including ISARA-Lyon.