Mohsen Tootoonchi


Mohsen Tootoonchi completed his Bachelor degree in soil sciences at Shiraz University, Iran before coming to the US to enroll in the Soil and Water Sciences master’s program at the University of Florida with a focus in wetlands biochemistry. He says he wanted to join UF “because of the esteemed reputation, advanced facilities, resources, and the University’s connections with a multitude of


To carry on his master’s research, Mohsen had to move down to the Everglades Research and Education Center near Belle Glade FL. Under Dr. Samira Daroub’s supervision, he investigated some of the impacts of increased rice production in the Everglades Agricultural area, from water quality to rice yields and pest infestation. He presented that last portion of his research at the 2016 South Florida Graduate Research Symposium, through a poster which title was ‘Water management and impact on rice water weevil infestation’. This work made him realize even more the importance of moving towards a sustainable agricultural production. “Sustainability can only be achieved when environment, economy and society are in balance,” says Moshen, “sustainable agroecosystems are the key to a successful future, and I believe they are an achievable goal.”

Mohsen had since then join Dr. Lyn Gettys research group and is currently pursuing a PhD in Agronomy. His focus is on climate change and how saltwater intrusion impact freshwater ecosystems. In addition to his Ph.D., Mohsen is also taking classes to complete the Sustainable Agroecosystems graduate certificate offered through the UF Agroecology Program as he wished to keep his focus and connections “with the faculties who seek innovative ways to work towards a sustainable future.”

Mohsen hopes to later become a permanent research scientist in agricultural industries.